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Are you currently looking for a new, fun adventure? Well, if you are then you should definitely try the New Braunfels Tubing Activity! It is an exciting recreational activity that allows you to have fun in the water, soak in the sun and experience an enjoyable experience with everyone with you! Never heard of it? Well, worry no more. Just read on and find out what it is all about. The Comal River is always 72 degrees and crystal clear. After all, its Spring Water!

What is tubing?

Tubing is known by a lot of names and some people refer to it as toobing, bumper tubing, and or inner tubing. It is a fun and safe recreational activity where you have to ride on top of an inner tube. In addition to that, there are different variations of tubing and it can be done on either snow, water or nowadays, it can even be done on artificial landscapes!

Variations Of Tubing

  • Water Tubing. This is one of the most common types of tubing and it has two forms. Water tubing can either be free-floating, also called as river tubing, or towed tubing. So what is free-floating (river tubing)? In free-floating tubing, the tubers (also called as tube riders) are untied and are just carried and transported by the current of the waters in the river. The tubers would need to paddle with their hands and are often required to use webbed gloves in order to steer.

On the other hand, towed tubing normally occurs on a huge body of water such as a river or a lake. In towed tubing, the tubers would tie and attach their tubes to a motorized watercraft such as a personal watercraft, a motor boat or a ski.Once attached, the motorized watercraft will then have to run and in turn, it will also propel the tube forward along with it.

  • TubingSnow Tubing. According to rumors, snow tubing started way back in the 1820s, and that it started in the Alpine Mountains.Snow tubing is a popular activity during the winter and it is highly similar to another winter activity, sledding. This kind of tubing is typically done on a slope or hill, and gravity is used to propel the tuber towards the end of the grade or hill. Once the tuber reaches the bottom, majority opt to return to the top of the slope again in order to repeat the fun process.
  • Summer Tubing. Due to its increasing popularity, summer tubing has emerged as a modified version of snow tubing.In summer tubing, tubers typically use hard bottom tubes that slide down artificial slopes normally made out of special plastic. This activity is often offered and installed on mountains by different ski resorts or nowadays, you can even find them in amusement parks!

New Braunfels Tubing

However, if you are more interested in water tubing among the different variations of tubing, then you should definitely try out New Braunfels Tubing! New Braunfels Texas river tubing occurs on the Comal and Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, Texas. So if you are looking for a remarkable Guadalupe tubing in the river in Texas Hill Country of New Braunfels Texas, Texas Tubes is definitely the best place for you!

Reminders for New Braunfels Tubing

In order to guarantee your safety and to provide you with the best tubing experience, there are a couple of reminders from New Braunfels Tubing. Some of their reminders include:

  • Children must be constantly accompanied by adults!
  • Littering is strictly not allowed. You will not be allowed to throw your trash in the river and you should dump your trash in the proper receptacles.
  • Since alcoholic beverages are legal on the Comal River, you can drink while tubing. However, please be careful, drink responsibly and do not litter.

These are just some of the information regarding tubing that you should keep in mind. Also, if you are in Texas and are looking for a great place to try out river tubing, you should definitely keep New Braunfels Tubing in mind! Just contact them, follow all of their reminders and have a fun tubing experience!

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