Float The Guadalupe

How Long Does It Take To Float The Guadalupe


Most people visiting the Guadalupe River for the first time find themselves asking: how long does it take to float the Guadalupe? The duration of your journey will depend on several factors, and you should decide how much time you’d like to spend tubing in a single day before entering the river.


The lengthy float


With the Guadalupe being as large as it is, a full float across the river on a tube usually takes around 6 hours. This will provide you with a full tour of the river, and you will get to see everything that it has to offer. However, a lengthy float should always come after necessary preparations, as it’s quite a bit different from a short ride down the river.


For a full float down the river, it’s usually best to connect your tube to a few others – usually belonging to your friends and family. That way, there will be no risk of you splitting from each other and going in different directions. You can also have a tube just for food and beverages in case you grow hungry and thirsty during the long and oft-demanding ride.


The flow rate of the river also plays a part when assessing how long does it take to float the Guadalupe. When the river is faster, you can expect the upper limit of 6 hours to somewhat lessen – 4 or 5 hours might be more correct in these cases. After the flooding that recently hit the Guadalupe settles down, the river will likely have a faster flow rate than it did before the drought.


Another thing to keep in mind is the weather forecast. Due to the amount of time, it’s possible to get caught by rain while on the river. Most of the time, rain will only act as a nuisance, but heavy downpour can make the river more challenging and perhaps even present a risk.


Making your journey shorter
If you don’t feel like floating the entire Guadalupe River, there are multiple entry points along its length that look to provide tubers with a great float while reducing the time. The Horseshoe Loop is one such part of the river – while a full float down the Guadalupe will include floating through the entire Horseshoe, many choose to tube exclusively in this area, making use of the short distance between its entry and exit points. If you are unsure of how long you’d like to float the Guadalupe, the Horseshoe Loop will give you the best possible control over how much time you spend in the river.

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